The online gallery is currently in construction. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. It is the purpose of this presentation to give a brief idea of the scope and quality of the work available. We invite retail and wholesale inquiries.

It is easy to acquire prints and note cards from our gallery. We ship any product, anywhere. Call or email us, and we will call you back the same day, if possible. Indicate at what time you prefer to be called. If there are particular images in which you are interested, please indicate the name of the picture(s) or describe them. We are in Alaska (heart of America, don't you know...); feel feel free to call at any hour that pleases you, but realize we are most clear after 7 A.M. The gallery is now located at 3000 South Glenn Highway in Palmer. 35 miles east of Anchorage. (888) 339-1369 In Alaska: (907) 745-1961, or cell: